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GymSafe is a product of Redcliffe Hygiene which was founded in 2017. Redcliffe Hygiene Private Limited is a pioneer in Personal Hygiene space in India and Globally with 4 products. It is a manufacturer of a range of hygiene consumables in the Indian market as well as the largest seller of toilet hygiene product in India. In addition, the company sells products into Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia and Pacific region. GymSafe is a Gym Equipment Sanitizer Spray that protects from germs present on the gym equipment.

With many using the gym equipment for their dailyworkouts, gym centers tend to be another area where illness causing bacteria thrive. The running warm machines offer the best environment for the germs to flourish. They can get on your hands and spread to foods. With many gyms not resorting to proper sanitizing methods of the gym machinery, tainted gyms are yet another growing breeding grounds for disease causing germs. A report from NATA confirms that you might catch Skin Infections, Cold, Intestinal Infections because of common Gym Equipment. Therefore, it is imperative to sanitize the equipment to ensure a germ free work-out.

Features of GymSafe


Effective Within Seconds

IPA formulation starts sanitizing within a few seconds of application.


Protects From Germs

Removes germs from Gym equipments


Easy To Carry

Compact and sleek design makes it pocket friendly


Grip Of Equipment Intact

Liquid evaporates within 5-7 seconds, leaving no residue behind.

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